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Chapter 1: The Only Color

Snap. Just like everything was back in vision and he could see again. Where am I? he thought.

He looked down at his see long sharp gray talons. He yelped. "What happened?" out loud, the sound echoing in the empty world he had found himself in.

His name was Emile and he was greatly confused. He could easily remember what had happened when...that thing, which claimed to be the LP Curse, had decided to possess him. He said his personality would be gone but he was okay...other than the talons and whatever else had happened. A horrible thought crossed his mind What if I AM the LP Curse?

He pushed the thought to the back of his mind, deciding to look around. The area he was in was almost featureless, a gray plain, slightly tinted green. He took a step forward and was shocked when the area vastly changed, the gray plain collapsing to reveal a set of lime green stairs going down. He looked around; there was nowhere else to go. He jumped onto the first step, which lit up as he did. Doing this his realized his footfalls seemed heavier; it was because his feet were clawed and furred. Second of all, he found he had a tail, longer than he was tall and was tipped with orange fur. He decided to continue despite these oddities, hopping down the stairs to see what was at the bottom.

At the bottom was a train station, greyscale and stretching for miles, it seemed. So naturally he walked in. Inside it was dreary, still in greyscale. The coordinator of the train station, who was a monkey that he recognized as the one from the Animal Crossing game he was Let's Playing that was named Porter,  was napping at his post. Emile shook the monkey awake asking, "Hey, Porter! Where am I?"

Now half-awake the monkey said, as if he was ignoring Emile, muttered, "There's a train coming soon, probably for you. There's some stuff in the locker for you. There's a scarf too, since it's winter."

Emile, still very confused opened the locker. He burst into laughter seeing a familiar pink dress hanging up. However, he swept it aside to see what else there was in there. The scarf that Porter had pointed out was in there too; it was red and blue decorated with his double C logo and the arrow from the Runaway Guys logo. He wrapped it around his neck, since it was getting nippy. The only other thing that was in there was a stack on papers, that were ruined beyond repair.

His investigation of the locker was interrupted as a train horn sounded. He closed the locker and sprinted back to where the train, which was also greyscale like everything else in this world. He asked Porter, "Where is this train going?"

Porter simply shrugged. Emile went inside the train and sat by the window.  The landscape was greyscale even here. It was snowing too, not little flurries but something a bit heavier, making it feel like a dream. Emile looked at his hand; he was in color though. Nothing else was. He leaned against the window, watching the land go by, waiting for his unknown destination.
((Some kind of story detailing how Curse found his powers and stuff. However in this chapter he is still referring to himself as Emile.

It was supposed to be longer but this seemed like a nice place to leave off. Plus if I had continued it would have conflicted with an upcoming response. This chapter almost conflicted with said response too.

I also have no idea for a title so I'll title it as the chapter title for now))
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I can't wait for the next chapter! This seems interesting I'm excited!
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